• Master Critical Reading and Writing Skills

    Our live, immersive courses help reluctant readers and ELL students build vital literacy skills

    Critical Reading and Writing Skills

    Primary school through high school

    Our 12-week, online immersive courses take students to Pompeii, travel with Willy Wonka, and discovers the wonders fo flight. Built on Common Core Standards, our critical reading and writing courses engage students with the high-interest film content that they love and the informational and fiction reading that they need.


    Students work with licensed teachers in small group classes (4-6 students) to master English writing fundamentals. Students learn how to build sentences and paragraphs. They move on to narrative, informative, and argumentative essays. At each step, our AI-driven literacy software provides real-time feedback on their writing.


    Our teachers average 15+ years of classroom experience. All teachered are licensed and most have TEFL or CELTA certification.

    Close Reading the Classics

    Primary school and middle school

    Our 8-to 16-week, one-on-one courses let primary school and middle school students explore classic literature under the tutorship of highly experienced language arts teacher. Students choose their story from our list of classics. Each book has been carefully selected to meet US Common Core Standards.


    Based on the same tutorial model used at Oxford and Cambridge, students meet with their teacher for hour-long online sessions. Each session takes students through an in-depth analysis an discussion of the text. Students learn target vocabularly that lays the groundwork for strong TOEFL and SAT performance. Teachers review and reinforce important grammar skills.


    Each student finishes the course with a captone presentation -- leading his or her own book discussion with a video version to keep.

    Phonics and Early Literacy

    Interactive phonics and reading programs for kindergartens and learning centers

    Our 16-week and 32-week, interactive phonics and reading programs let kindergartens, libraries, aftercare and learning centers provide students with the foundation they need for bilingual and English-medium primary schools. Our "dual teacher" model offers a highly-cost effective solution for delivering certified, highly experienced native English teachers to classrooms across Asia.


    Using our "dual teacher" model, professional language arts teachers based in the UK and US deliver live, interactive courses supported by a trained local teacher in the classroom. Our international teachers have an average of 15 years of classroom experience and most have TESOL or CELTA certification.


    In-class instruction is supported by interactive literacy software and hands-on learning tools and exercises. Courses include professional assessments of student levels and performance and offer a range of on- and offline home study resources.



    STEAM Literacy

    STEAM-themed literacy programs for kindergartens, learning centers, and primary schools

    Our weekend and after-school programs marry hands-on STEAM projects with literacy skill development. Students learn target vocabulary and read STEAM-themed non-fiction and fiction stories. Each classes story is followed by a hands-on STEAM project that applies concepts and topics that students have uncovered in their reading. Experiments and projects introduce skills such as observation, prediction, hypothesis formation and testing, measurement, data collection and analysis.


    Our STEAM-themed programs cover topics including the oceans, aviation, electricity, light and vision, plant life, ecology, as well as famous artists like Picasso, Davinci, Monet, and Chagall.


    All classes are conducted in English, providing students with an opportunity use English in fun, inquiry-based learning activities.



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