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  • What We Do

    We're dedicated to bringing the love of reading, questioning, and storytelling to families across Asia

    Four Legs of Learning

     Reading + Comprehension + Questioning + Storytelling

    Story Shifu is dedicated to bringing the "4 legs of learning" to families across Asia. Where test performance and test readiness dominate much of the school day, learning how to learn independently and think critically often gets squeezed out. Even worse, rote learning and heavy homework loads mean that kids risk negatively associating "reading" with school work and school pressure.


    Story Shifu works with parents to plant critical thinking skills and  the love of reading  in children's earliest school years. Recognizing that even in pressure-packed school environments like China and Hong Kong, more than 50% of a child's time is still spent at home, we provide books, courses, and family learning activities that help parents build four important skills into kids' daily routines:


    English Reading Skills - reading confidently, fluently, and passionately.


    Reading Comprehension - understanding and interpreting stories


    Questioning - asking and answering questions to develop critical thinking


    Storytelling - presenting facts, ideas, and opinions as structured, convincing stories.

    Help families develop English reading and critical thinking skills

    Story Shifu's English critical reading courses and activities pair story-themed, hands-on learning activities with children's favorite stories. Built on US Common Core Standards, our courses use highly interactive, immersive content and technology to help ELL students and reluctant readers built the skills and confidence that they need to succeed. Learn more!

    Story Shifu Reading Centers

    Location-based reading clubs draw recurring family visits to retail space

    The Story Shifu Reading Centers provide bookstores, shopping malls, residential complexes, and hospitality venues with unique edutainment attractions for families. Our managed reading centers offer membership- and day-pass activities after-school and on weekends. We create book-filled, child-friendly, supervised reading and educational play environments for children from ages 3 to 12. Our centers deliver scheduled, teacher-led programs that combine reading with hands-on projects and gamified learning activities. Story Shifu Reading Centers offer Chinese and English-language programs. Most centers include lending libraries, project kits, and read-along audios that allow children to continue share their excitement and learning at home.

    Story Shifu Custom Digital Libraries

    Digital library of English-language books for ELL/ESL readers

    Story Shifu's works with clients and partners to bring hundreds of great children's and young adult books right to your student or customers' phones and tablets. We

    curate thousands of ebook and audiobooks specifically for your students' age and interest. Offer classics, graphic novels, cool STEM and non-fiction books to get kids excited about reading! We help you enhance and promote your library offerings with customized prequels and book trailers -- perfect for adding value to your school, kindergarten, learning center, or museum!

  • What We're Sharing

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    (originally published in Financial Times Chinese Edition, 8 November 2016) All last week, education industry alarmists bombarded my Wechat account with news that Shanghai was cracking down on international schools that accept local students – no more foreign investment, no more complete...
    "Hey, Dad, can we go to that big bookstore across the park? my son prodded as he pulled me out of my jetlag stupor and raced out the door during our recent summer visit to the US. As he impatiently road the escalator to the kids’ floor, I asked him that type of book he was thinking about buying. ...
    As summer approaches, we inevitably reconnect with fellow parents at year-end school events.  Sticking on paper nametags helps avoid the embarrassment of having forgotten the other mom’s name, but that’s about it. I don’t really know where she’s from, what she does for a living, much less her...
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